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Closet with several white blouses

In our Working Smarter blog
Money, time - and yes, decisions - are limited for entrepreneurs. How to preserve your brain power

In everyday talk we call ourselves “tired” in the afternoon, but it is not really a lack of muscular energy or sleepiness but decision fatigue, a.k.a. “ego depletion,” a concept discovered by Roy F. Baumeister, a social psychologist at Florida State University. We have simply bankrupted our storage of daily decisions.



Lonely Planet Traveller magazine front cover

In our Media News blog
Travel guides are spinning off a new US print magazine

The ubiquitous Lonely Planet travel guides are extending their reach into the travel magazine industry.

Lonely Planet Traveller, a print and digital travel magazine, will launch in the US September 2 to join the company’s 10 other international editions.



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